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The all-new Agro investment platform with tax-free income. It’s the new clutter-free, fixed-income platform with ESG benefits for smart investors giving a whopping 8% -16% fixed returns.

- Choose your investment plan and units of investments in farm projects. - Confirm details and pay securely. - Our team handles administration and property management – from crop selection, farm inputs, to working with local farmers and improving soil sustainability. - Get your fixed payouts every financial quarter end. You can withdraw this directly in your bank account or even choose to re-invest for more wealth creation.

Farmland owners and farmers are essential stakeholders to obtaining the desired farm productivity. While our model strategically revolves around crop diversification and hedging to predict and produce in-demand crops, we also provide fixed returns to land owners in form of land lease and employment to farmers, directly enhancing farmer’s income and generating higher returns for land owners and investors alike.

The profits that Growpital provides on your investments is absolutely fixed, without any catch, this happens because the profits are distributed as advance share to the fractional owners from the revenues generated by the farm projects.

We have a dedicated team of highly experienced farmers, farm managers and experts who make their hands and legs dirty in the farms day and night in order to grow in-demand crops that can yield high profitability. There’s a detailed procedure of selecting the farmers and farms we choose to partner with.

We have a detailed and highly meticulous procedure of curating farmlands and a research-based system for selecting the type of horticultural crops that we grow. Think of it as a mutual fund, where diversified crops are grown over the farm projects instead of equities and bonds. This, along with a deep understanding of market demand and a strong network of buyers allow us to receive great profits and therefore enables us to pass those on to investors.

The farm projects are owned and developed by us and are operated in two ways: - Our in-house team who follows the schedule to grow crops and sell it in market - We get into an operational partnership with established or experienced players in market and get fixed revenue from them.


To make your investment experience hassle-free, the project entities just put a minimum Lock-in period. If you withdraw before the lock-in period ends, the project entity would deduct all payouts given to you from the original investment amount and pay the remaining amount to you. This will result in no profit/return to you. However, if you make any withdraw request after the lock in period before the maturity period, the original investment amount shall be paid at that time; no future profits and no pro-rata calculation of payouts will be done.

For each investment option on Growpital a Farm Projects portfolio in the form of a Limited Liability Partnership is there. The investors investing are considered as partners in the LLP and the amount invested is considered as capital contribution and debt to to the LLP. The asset(farm projects) is owned by the LLP and all the partners in the LLP are considered legal co-owners.

Yes, you can avail information about other partners in your project upon request. You can drop your request to

The returns are projected revenues from farm project after sales of agri produce. So the revenues of the farm project will deviate from crop to crop, but we keep a satisfactory buffer to provide fixed returns in the form of advance profits.

Once you complete the KYC process on the platform, we will create a wallet on Growpital to hold your funds which you can use to only invest into the opportunities listed on on the Growpital. You can add funds to your wallet at anytime and can invest your desired amount into the available opportunities over Growpital.

In order to provide this opportunity for as many retail investors as possible, the price of one unit is kept as low as INR 20,000/-. This provides you a fractional ownership of the farm projects under your name as per the amount invested by you. That said, you can buy as many units as you want (subject to availability) and get profits in the same proportion.

No, there are no fees involved when you invest over Growpital. You are also not charged when you withdraw funds.

No, farming in itself is perpetual. When new investment comes in, operations on new acres are started. This means that you can invest anytime to own a fraction if units are available.


There are no tax deduction on the returns received by you as it is the share of profit given by the Farm project entity, which is an LLP, as per section 10(2A). The earnings of the LLP is agriculture income, and is exempted under Section 10(1) of the Income Tax Act,1961 in India.

You can cancel you investment anytime by logging in your Growpital account. Once you do it, the originally invested amount will be transferred immediately to your wallet as per the date of cancellation in lines with terms and condition of lock-in period, which can then be withdrawn into your linked bank account.

Growpital, along with its partners take care of the regular development, maintenance and performance of the farm projects.

You will need to additionally fill ITR form 3 when you submit your income tax returns.

You payouts will be transferred to your Growpital wallet as per the schedule/frequency of payout mentioned in the opportunity. You can withdraw your wallet amount anytime to your KYC verified bank account.

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